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Taliban praying to Allah for the Victory on USA & Co 20 Years Invation at Airport of Kabul on 31.08.2021 as the last troops of Americans left Afghanistan.

What is real happening in Afghanistan

The Airport of Kabul is under the

hand of US Soldiers, For the chaos in Airport are USA Responsible.

Ehey was making wrong Hopes for Afghans and was Announcing that they will take People to USA without Passport, Visa. That is why so much People was at Airport.

What the Taliban Wants

The Taliban wants just an truth islamic conform Government in Afghanistan, which the USA, Europa, India, Jewish/Christians,…Leaders do not want. They have no right to decide a democratic System for our Country or any Country.

They have to live how they want and we Muslims want to live how we want.

rEcent Situation in Afghanistan

Since 20 years was no peaceful time like it is now in Afghanistan.

There was in last 2 Days “as the Taliban toke over” no thievery, no killing even almost no Trafic Accident, no usual street fights between Civilians. There was more Peaceful time in Afghanistan then anywhere in the world.

The dogs who critizising Taliban because womenright, why not critizising their American brothers? What if Taliban done this to an woman? امریکایان دوی بی عزته کوی او وژنی خو بیاهم دوی ځان ورته قربانوی. او هر شی چی دوی سره وکری دوی ته قبول دی. آیا دا منافقین ندی؟ آیا دا خلک بیا غواری چه په افغانستان کی صلح اړ اسلامی نظام راشی؟ یوی هم امریکای باندی وار نکوی. لعنت ددوی په غیرت
Women under Taliban lives under Peace and Security. False Afghans spreading wrong Information about womenright under Taliban.
the world was liing that the Pakistan was supporting Afghan Taliban. Today we see that the Pakistan do not allow Afghans to return home. So how they was supporting Taliban against Americans? Why Pakistan do not Recognize Taliban today? Why Pakistan do not help Taliban to create government? So the world was speaking false things against Taliban.
Horro in Afghan Airport. Americans shoting their slaves. They dont want to take them with themselfs.



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